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Bescor XT160 Overview


The Bescor XT160 Bi-Color LED On-Camera Light is a lightweight bright solution for portable on-camera lighting. Its 160 LEDs, 80 tungsten and 80 daylight, can be variably switched using the onboard dimming dials. Further increasing portability, the built-in battery bay accepts widely available NP-F (L-series) batteries. Diffusion and orange filters are included for adjusting the light's output, as is a shoe-mount ball head for securing the light to your camera.


Kit includes

2 XT160 Lights

2 BP18W Batteries

2 BC18W Battery Chargers

2 LS180 Light Stands

2 AC12V2 Power Supplies



Full power at 6 feet:
@ 2300K: 166 lux with orange filter
@ 2700K: 350 lux with orange filter
@ 3200K: 225 lux
@ 3800K: 430 lux
@ 3900K: 535 lux (250W tungsten equivalent)
@ 4200K: 365 lux with blue filter
@ 5200K: 239 lux
@ 5800K: 167 lux with blue filter

XT160KB - Dual 160 LED Bulb Studio & Battery Kit


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