This Bescor Specter LED Single-Light Interview Kit is based around the Specter on-camera bi-color LED light and includes an AC12V2 power supply. With these options, you can power the light using either mains power or a battery while in the field away from an outlet. See below for more information on the items included in this kit.


  • Specter Slim Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light


    The Bescor Specter is a slim on-camera LED light that is color-accurate and easy to secure to the top of your camcorder, DSLR, or mirrorless camera. Brightness and color temperature can be adjusted using the LCD and buttons on the rear of the fixture. The light accepts Sony L-series batteries for power and is compatible with the Bescor AC12V2 power supply. A shoe mount adapter is included for securing the light atop your camera. The light also features a built-in glare free soft white diffuser.



5600K @ 1M @ 100% Power

175 LUX

96 CRI


4800K @ 1M @ 100% Power

175 LUX

96 CRI


3200K @ 1M @ 100% Power

156 LUX

97 CRI


Kit includes

1 Specter LED Light

1 AC12V2 Power Supply

specterA - Slim Line LED & AC Adapter Kit

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