Light your next shoot with the Photon LED Single-Light Kit from Bescor. This kit includes one Photon LED panel in addition to a power adapter and light stand that can stretch up to 78" tall. With a color temperature range of 3200-5600K, the Photon light panel is applicable in a wide variety of situations. It is also dimmable, and the dim level and color temperature are both visible on a digital display on the back of the device. The panels also feature a 1/4"-20 thread mount on the bottom and sides for horizontal or vertical mounting and can be powered by the included power adapter or optional NP-F batteries.


Kit including

1 Photon LED Light

1 LS180 Light Stand

1 AC15 Power Supply



5600K @ 1M @ 100% Power

607 LUX

96 CRI


4800K @ 1M @ 100% Power

557 LUX

95 CRI


3200K @ 1M @ 100% Power

500 LUX


photonS - Single LED Studio Kit