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The Bescor MP-1AC Motorized Pan & Tilt Head Kit includes the MP-101 Motorized Pan & Tilt Head and PS-260 AC power supply, which delivers 6 VDC, 700 mA output and features 120-240 VAC worldwide compatibility. 

The MP-101 attaches between a tripod and camera and enables you to pan and tilt the camera remotely using an included remote control. It supports up to 6 lb cameras and offers a 1/4"-20 camera mount screw and 1/4"-20 tripod mount thread. 

The MP-101 features independent, adjustable-speed pan and tilt motors, and offers a max pan angle of +/-170° and max tilt angle of +/-15°. It also has an Auto Pan Mode that allows for continuous pan motion, as well as selectable end points of 45°, 90°, and 340° assignable via a selector switch.


  • MP-101 Motorized Pan & Tilt Head


    The Bescor MP-101 Motorized Pan & Tilt Head attaches between a tripod and camera and enables remote panning and tilting of the camera. Two independent motors smoothly operate horizontal and vertical motion at adjustable speeds. The head supports payloads up to 6 lb. The two mounting points are the 1/4"-20 tripod threads underneath and the 1/4"-20 camera mounting screw with registration pin on top. All tripods and cameras are compatible.

    An Auto Pan Mode allows for continuous panning motion, and a switch selector lets you assign end points at 45°, 90°, or 340°. The maximum horizontal angle is ±170 degrees, and the maximum vertical angle is ±15 degrees. This head can be powered by four AA batteries, the Bescor PS-260 AC power supply, or a Bescor 90-645 external battery, all sold separately.


    • Enables panning and tilting of a camera remotely at adjustable speeds
    • Attaches between a tripod and camera
    • 1/4"-20 threads for tripod, 1/4"-20 screw mount for camera
    • 6 lb payload
    • Remote control included


  • PS-260 AC Power Supply for MP-101 Motorized Pan Head


    The Bescor PS-260 AC Power Supply for MP-101 Motorized Pan Head features a 120-240VAC, 60/50Hz input and 6VDC, 700mA output. It can be used worldwide with an appropriate adapter, sold separately.

MP1AC - MP101 & PS260 Kit


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