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The LED220TB 900W 3-Light Daylight LED Kit with Batteries was put together by Bescor to give image-makers a 3-point lighting system with light intensity and power control that is useful in the studio or the field. The kit contains three 12 x 11" LED-200 daylight fixtures, each with a 110-240 VAC power adapter, a 6' light stand, diffusion filter, CTO orange filter, and a battery that gives the 300W tungsten equivalent LED-200 2+ hours run time.


  • LED-200 LED Light & Stand Kit


    The Bescor LED-200 Kit includes a single LED-200K LED light, a 74" light stand, and 110-240V worldwide power adapter. The light produces a 200W equivalent output and features a 5600K daylight color temperature. The light also comes with a removable soft white diffuser. The light and stand together only weigh approximately 5 lb.


  • SLM-5ATM Slimline, Starved Electrolyte Battery Belt (12v, 4.3 amp hours)


    The SLM-5 is a high performance Starved Electrolyte (Lead Acid) battery. A convenient strap is standard in addition to a sewn-in belt loop. The SLM-5 is designed for maximum strength and durability.

    Cell Chemistry

    The SLM-5 utilizes Starved Electrolyte, also known as Gel-Cell or Lead Acid.
    • Advantages:
      Low cost, high per cell voltage, no memory effect and good capacity life.

LED220TB - Three Point 220 LED Bulb & Battery Studio Kit


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