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Bescor XT160 Overview


The XT160 Bi-Color LED On-Camera 1-Light Kit with Stands and Battery from Bescor is built around a 5.25 x 3.4 x 2.25" fixture that has variable color from 3200 to 5600K, weighs just 6.8 oz, and has the option of AC or battery power. This kit includes one XT160, with a ball head shoe mount, a 6.6' light stand, a multi-voltage AC adapter. In addition, there is a diffusion filter to soften the light, a blue and orange gel to allow you to extend the color range from 2900 to 5800K. For situations where AC power is unavailable, the kit also includes an NP-F-type battery and charger.


Full Power at 6.0' / 1.8 m


2300K: 166 Lux with Orange Filter

2700K: 350 Lux with Orange Filter

3200K: 225 Lux

3800K: 430 Lux

3900K: 535 Lux 250W Tungsten Equivalent

4200K: 365 Lux with Blue Filter

5200K: 239 Lux

5800K: 167 Lux with Blue Filter

XT160SB - Single Bi-Color LED Light & Battery Studio Kit


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