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The WAFFLE 176-LED Daylight On-Camera Light from Bescor is a daylight-balanced on-camera light featuring a bright, 300W-equivalent output. This compact light features 176 LED bulbs with a 5600K color temperature, a CRI rating of 95, and a 600-lumen output at six feet. The WAFFLE can be powered using a separately available Sony L-series-type battery or an AC power supply.

Light features include 10 to 99% dimming with a digital display. The WAFFLE light comes with an orange filter, a diffusion filter, and a tilting cold shoe adapter that attaches to the fixture's single 1/4"-20 threaded hole.


176 daylight-balanced LEDs with a 300W-equivalent output

Dimming from 10 to 99% with digital display

L-series battery plate and input for separately available AC power supply




Unregulated USBC to 2.1mm power cable, power your Waffle light from USBC power sources



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