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Illuminate your next interview with the Specter Slim LED Single-Light Kit from Bescor. This kit includes two Specter Slim LED light and the same number of AC adapters and light stands. It also includes 2 NPF batteries and chargers for untethered power. The 7 x 5 x 1" light has a variable color temperature of 3200-5600K and is also dimmable. The light also features a built-in glare free soft white diffuser and an LCD panel on the back that displays current dim level and color temperature. Power is provided via an AC adapter or NP-F battery pack.



5600K @ 1M @ 100% Power

175 LUX

96 CRI


4800K @ 1M @ 100% Power

175 LUX

96 CRI


3200K @ 1M @ 100% Power

156 LUX

97 CRI


Kit Including

2 Specter LED Lights

2 BCK18 NPF Battery & Auto Charger

2 LS180 Light Stands

2 AC12V2 Power Supplies

specterKB - Dual Slim Line LED & Battery Kit


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