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The Bescor MP-1B comes as a kit and contains one Bescor MP-101 motorized pan and tilt head, one Bescor 90-645 battery and one Bescor BC-665R standard overnight charger.

The MP-101 head can be mounted to a tripod or any mounting system with a 1/4"-20 screw, and provides smooth motorized pan and tilt features for cameras weighing up to 6 lb. The MP-101 has a pan range of 340° and a tilt range of 30°. This compact and lightweight motorized head is useful for mounting and controlling the pan and tilt of a camera where automatic or remote operation is preferred.

The MP-101 can be powered by the included Bescor 90-645 battery. The MP-101 can also be powered by either the Bescor PS-260 power supply or four AA batteries available separately.


MP-101 Motorized Pan Tilt Head

Range of Motion

The MP-101 has two motors, one each for the pan and tilt functions. The motors operate independently of each other, and can be controlled by the included MP-REMOTE.

Tilt Range is -15 to 15° and is set to position using the included MP-REMOTE.
Note: The Tilt axis has no automatic movement functionality.

Pan Range is 0 to 340°, with the following settings:
Auto Mode - 0 to 340°, then returning to 0° cycle repeats
90° Mode - 0 to 90°, then returning to 0° cycle repeats
45° Mode - 0 to 45°, then returning to 0° cycle repeats
0° Mode - Unit pans to 340°, then returns to 0° and parks
Note: for Auto, 90° and 45° mode the MP-101 starts by panning to zero before starting its cycle.

Remote Operation

The included MP-REMOTE can be used to set both pan and tilt position on the MP-101 head. The remote can also be used to control both pan and tilt movement directly, and the speed slider on the remote can vary the speed of the movement from between normal to 3x slower. The speed slider also varies the speed of the pan movement when the head is in Auto, 90°, and 45° mode.



The MP-101 is powered by the included Bescor 90-645 battery, or from the following non-included power

4x AA batteries
Bescor PS-260 power supply

Battery and Charger

Bescor 90-645 Battery

The Bescor 90-645 battery is rated at 6V/ 4.5A, and will power the MP-101 for 6-12 hours depending on the load.


Bescor ATMX

The charger is a Automatic charger It will charge a fully depleted Bescor 90-645 battery in 8 hours.


MP1B - MP101 & Battery Kit


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