Kit includes:

2 LED70 Lights

2 AC6070 6v Adapters for LED70 Lights

3 TTLS 3lb Weighted Table Top Light Stands w/ 1/4" 20 Mounts & SM2 Ball mounts

1 SmartPhone Holder w/ Female 1/4" 20 Thread

2 KLP Clip Clamps w/ 1/4" 20 Ball Mounts 

1 TurtleShell Desk Chair Green Screen

1 USBMIC  USB Microphone w/ Table Mount, Foam Cover, Pop Filter  & USB Cord





Bulbs: 96 Daylight 6500°K 

Power Draw: 1 Amp

Power Source: AC Adapter or AA Batteries

Dim: Digital Dimmer Display w/ Adjustment Wheel from 10-99%

Mount: Hot Shoe w/ 1/4" 20 Thread

Filters: Orange & Clear Filters




USBMIC - Professional USB Recording Microphone for Streaming or Podcasting


Kit Includes:

1 USB Microphone

1 USB Cord

1 Table Mount

1 Foam Mic Cover

1 Pop Filter



·Frequency Response: 30Hz-20KHz

·Ditectivity: Heart Shaped, (0°-180° @ 1KHz>5dB)

·Loudest Level: 120dB SPL

·Signal to Noise Ratio: 78dB

·Sensitivity: 2 mV/Pa (-32dB-2dB)

·Powered via USB 



·Metal Mesh Head

·Reverb Adjustment Knob

·Volume Adjustment Knob

·3.5mm Headphone Input Jack

·Mic On/Off Button

·PC-USB Input on Bottom

·Full Metal Construction




TTLS - 3lb Weighted Table Top Light Stand w/ 1/4" 20 Mount



·Max Extension - 

·3 lb Weighted Base

·1/4" 20 Male Mount




KLP - Clip Clamp w/ 1/4" 20 Ball Mount

·Durable Clip Clamp

·Ball Head with 1/4"-20 Mounting Screw

·Mount a Light onto a Stand or Surface

·Soft Clamp Padding for Strong Grip




TurtleShell - DeskChair Green Screen

·56" Round Collapsible Background

·Collapses to 1/3 Size

·Sets Up and Collapses Easily

·Chromakey Application Compatible