The Grip-F Kit with FA-23 Gooseneck and Gripper Clamp from Bescor is the space-saving solution for supporting small lights, reflectors or other items weighing up to 1.1 lb. The kit comes with a Gripper "Super Clamp" with 2.1" jaws and the 23" FA-23 flexible aluminum arm.


  • Gripper Clamp


    A staple on image maker's sets and in their kit bags, the Gripper Clamp from Bescor has jaws with a 0.5 to 2.1" range allowing it to grip poles or flat objects via the included wedge or pipe inserts. The Gripper has a ratcheting tightening handle that works well in tight spaces and comes with a 5/8" hex pin with male 1/4"-20 threads for attachment to other accessories.


  • Flexible Metal Gooseneck Arm


    Ideal for use with Bescor's Gripper Clamp or a Super Clamp, this Flexible Metal Gooseneck Arm is a 23" long, 18mm in diameter, flexible, segmented aluminum arm that can be twisted into configurations not possible with other tools, such as articulating arms. One end of the arm has a 5/8" stud with a 1/4"-20 male thread, while the other has a 3/8"-16 tapped 5/8" hex that prevents torsion.