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The Field Pro FP-180K Bi-Color 3-Light Kit from Bescor is built around 3 FP-180 LED lamp heads with an equivalent tungsten output of 90W each. Each light includes a 74" light stand, diffusion filter, a CTO filter and a multi-voltage power supply. A small articulating shoe mount and a metal hook for hanging each light are also included.


The FP-180 Bi-Color LED fixture is a compact battery-powered, on-camera light that features continuously-variable color temperature between 3,200K tungsten and 5,400K daylight balance and flicker-free output dimmable from 100 to 10%. The FP-180 can be stand or camera-mounted and has the option of running on 8 easily-sourced AA batteries, battery packs or the included multi-voltage AC adapter.

FP540K - Three Point FP180 Studio Light Kit


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