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The Bescor FP-180 Bi-Color Dimmable On-Camera Light features 180 LEDs, 90 daylight and 90 tungsten bulbs, providing variable color temperature from 3200 to 5400K. The unit incorporates separate dimmers for the tungsten and the daylight balanced LEDs, allowing you to precisely control the color balance. The unit features an on/off switch and provides a flicker free light that dims from 100 to 10% brightness and is flicker free at all dimming levels.


The FP-180 is powered by 8 x AA batteries, or you can use an optional power supply that connects to the unit's DC input jack. A diffusion filter and orange color correction filter are included to allow you soften or adjust the color temperature of the light. It features a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole that accommodates the included articulating arm (with accessory shoe mount) or the included metal hook so you can hang the light.


  • Independently dimmable tungsten and daylight balanced LED bulbs.
  • Powers from 8 x AA batteries, or via optional power supply.
  • 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole.
  • Articulating arm with accessory shoe mount.

FP180 - 180 Bulb Bi-Color LED Light

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