The FM-448 Flexible Bi-Color Flex LED Studio Mat with Light Stand from Bescor is a unique 11.5 x 23" array of 448 LEDs imbedded in a 0.25"-thick pliable mat-like casing. You can mold it into an arc for product photography for true wrap-around lighting or shape it into a cylinder for long, thin highlights in reflective objects. The Flex will hold its form however you twist it, while its thin profile and lightweight design allows it to be used where most light fixtures can't. Flicker-free at 60 fps, the Flex has color that's variable from 3200K tungsten balance to 5600 daylight balance for matching other fixtures or ambient light conditions. Its high CRI of 90+ is an indicator of accurate, precise color rendition. You can control color and dimming on the Flex or at distances up to 30' with the included wireless remote control.


The Bi-Color Flex can also be used as a rigid light panel thanks to the inclusion of a 4-piece metal frame that has a 1/4"-20 tap for the included handgrip, or you can mount the frame on the provided light stand. The Flex is ready for worldwide use via its 100-240 VAC power supply. A nylon carry bag is provided for storage and transport.


Kit Includes:

FM448 Flex Mat Light Kit

LB24ATM External Lithium Ion Battery Kit

SM1 Swivel Ball Hot Shoe Mount

FM448ML - 448 Bulb Flex Mat w/ Swivel Mount & Li-Ion Battery