The BM-EPIC Battery Charger and 6' Connector Cord Kit from Bescor is composed of the company's BM-EPIC Battery and Charger for the Blackmagic Camera as well as a 6' Connector Cord for connecting the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to the BM-Epic rechargeable battery pack.

  • 6' Connector Cord for Blackmagic Pocket Camera and BM-Epic Battery


    This 6' Connector Cord from Bescor connects the Blackmagic Pocket Camera to Blackmagic's BM-Epic rechargeable battery pack.

  • BM-EPIC Battery & Charger for Rotolight NEO and NEO 2 LED Lights & Blackmagic Cinema Camera


    The Bescor BM-EPIC Battery & Charger features a clip-on battery pack with a 3' cable with a 2.5mm barrel connector compatible with the Rotolight NEO and NEO 2 LED lights and Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The battery has a military-style clip on the back that allows attaching it to belts, rigs, and other gear. It's a 14.8V lithium-ion battery that operates between 12V and a peak of 16.8V. It has zero memory effect and is rated for over 500 charge cycles.


  • When used with the Blackmagic camera, the battery provides approximately three to four times the power of the camera's internal battery, which lasts about 90 minutes in average applications. The included charger outputs 16.8V and provides a full charge in about three to four hours. Green and red indicators confirm charge status.

BMEPIC-PC - 14V Lithium Battery w/ Black Magic Pocket Cam Adapter