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Motorized Pan Head 340°
Rotates 170° in each direction
Model MP-101
Fastens between any tripod head and video camera.  Two motors allow independent smooth remote adjustment of vertical and horizontal panning motion.  Panning speed adjustable via the handheld remote control.  Auto Pan Mode, allows continuous horizontal panning motion. Switch selector for either a 45, 90 or 340 degree movement.  Maximum horizontal angle + and -170 degrees. This has been upgraded from +/- 90°.  Maximum vertical angle + and -15 degrees.  Power Source 4 AA batteries or PS260 power supply. Unit pans in 1 minute 10 seconds on AC power and 1 minute 25 seconds on battery power. Size 5.75” x 4.5 x 4”.  Weight 27 oz.  The MP101 can support up to a 6 pound camera .
Model RE-20
Model RE-50
20’& 50’ extensions
for  MP101 remote
Model PS-260
A.C. Power Supply
** Attention Amazon Customers**
Please note that Kellards and Adorama are the only authorized vendors on Amazon. HDToys is selling a unauthorized version of our MP-101 where its auto-pan mode has been disabled.
MP-101 Kits
Model MP-1B
This kit is for those who need more power than AA batteries can offer. With the included 90-645 battery pack you will be able to achieve run times of up to 9 hours. If a wall outlet isn’t available and you need to run the MP-101 for an extended period, this is the way to go.

Kit Includes:
· One MP-101 (Remote Included)
· One 90-645 Battery (6v 4.5a Rechargeable SLA battery)
· One ATM-X Automatic Charger
Model MP-1K
Plain and simple without a Tripod the MP-101 will not function. If you don’t quite need that much height (or won’t be able to carry a tripod to where you need to use the MP-101) this is the kit for you. The TH-36 table top tripod allows the MP-101 to function as it normally would without needing a large bulky tripod. TH-36 can support up to 15 lbs.

Kit Includes:
· One MP-101 (Remote Included)
· One TH-36 Tabl Top tripod
Model MP-1KB
Need to run your MP-101 for an extended period of time away from power outlets and without having to carry a bulky tripod around? This kit will be all you ever need. Using the 9 hour run time 90-645 battery and TH-36 table top tripod will keep you in business all day.

Kit Includes:
· One MP-101 (Remote Included)
· One 90-645 Battery (6v 4.5a Rechargeable SLA battery)
· One ATM-X Automatic Charger
· One TH-36 Table Top Tripod
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Replacement Remote Only
4 foot length
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